About Us


We have been in business for over 25 years doing a wide variety of upholstery jobs from Commercial to Residential. We have always tried to put the customer first in service and quality of each job we do. Even though we have been published in magazine articles about the quality of our work, we always look at every job to be completed with the same quality I was taught at an early age working for my Dad. Because of the customer service and quality we have always shown to each customer, we are always booked 8-12 weeks in advance at any time of the year. We never guarantee an exact date that far in advance because we don't know what underlying problems may exist when we start a job to complete it to my standards. We always schedule a pick up of the furniture before we are ready to start each job unless the customer arranges to bring it to us on a specific day. This always keeps the job time and furniture away from your house to a bare minimum. We are sorry if this lead time to get to each job is more than some people want to wait and understand if they go to alternative sources. We appreciate all the customers we have met over this time span and will continue to provide the same quality and service as we always have. 

Thanks, Randy Jones
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